GlassWire Software Change List

See what's new or changed in GlassWire software updates.

Version 2.2.260 - (October 8, 2020)

Hash Full # BAD677C26EBE50DA95DA3D4B81C14E16A8E6409A81ADDF62BC977F1AF0A3FDEC
Hash Lite # 5B61A4699F3F41FC2371BD677C85B986700F3C1B2DF9654896273569750EEC2A

  • Fixed an issue that could cause user settings to be backed up and moved unexpectedly causing it to appear that all of GlassWire's settings and history were lost. If you had this issue with the previous version instructions for a fix are posted in our forum. Your settings/history are not actually lost, they are just moved, and this can be solved by following the forum instructions.
Version 2.2.258 - (October 6, 2020)

Hash Full # 5E32E4B1C9F2B4FE104DADFB0E662D02E3701968B21076AB5D084B3F8E5392BD
Hash Lite # 084C9D99B35ED847C62538DE34483284E2D28DC06BD37BF07AC35227D68CEC70

  • Usage data can now be sorted by publisher.
  • Desktop alerts now include publisher information.
  • Scroll bar improvements as requested by GlassWire fans.
  • Fixed an issue with our Polish translation.
  • Fixed an issue where some ethernet users would have zero "Things" listed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused DNS change alerts to constantly appear for some users in some unusual situations.
  • Fixed a problem that can cause the GlassWire tray icon to look blurry.
Version 2.2.241 - (August 18, 2020)

Hash # CC71998891158FF04157A052A9C419F8077AAFB57FB9D0310340277FCA8E6C5B

  • Click the small down arrow at the top left of the graph to scale it however you want.
  • Click “Publishers” on the graph to see traffic by publisher. It’s useful to quickly find unsigned apps.
  • Click the graph, then drag back and forth to select time periods where you can see detailed app, host, and traffic data.
  • Resource usage improvements with GlassWire’s user interface.
  • Fixed translations for French and Korean.
  • Fixed an issue with host name for some devices on the “Things” list.
  • Fixed a DLL issue reported on HackerOne.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a false RDP connection alert in some unique situations.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and resource usage improvements.
Version 2.2.210 - (June 18, 2020)

Hash # F21E4B3D3FF4C97B8E1C61208E243775A4646E05007C2D81F8C04A7C5B30D1DE

  • Fixed a bug that caused "ask to connect" to not work in some unusual situations.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Incognito to keep data in the GlassWire user interface temporarily, even after being cleared.
  • Modified the "Evil Twin" detection feature so it works in a more useful way. It will now only alert whenever it senses a completely new mac address, but not every time your mac address changes. Some routers use multiple mac addresses in some situations and the alert can be annoying.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some host names to be kept in the database when the history was cleared.
  • Fixed a bug with RDP connection detection where it would not detect RDP connections in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue with Italian translations.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause GlassWire's service to crash in some situations.
  • Optimized the firewall to avoid an unusual scenario with some games that could cause GlassWire to experience high CPU usage.
  • Fixed a UI issue that could cause parts of the GlassWire window to flash with some OS versions.
  • Fixed an issue where counting could be wrong in some situations with our usage screen, after updating from a previous version.
  • Fixed an issue where some DNS host names could be wrong in some situations.
  • Many other small fixes and enhancements. We would like so say thanks to our GlassWire fans that reported these issues and helped test new versions to solve them.
Version 2.2.201 - (May 20, 2020)

Hash # 8B8BF7F6CD7390D0A5C27C9069077FD062E3BD5100462C67F401591FA6A6F10A

  • GlassWire now uses an improved remote access system for remote monitoring.
    This system is not compatible with our previous system so you'll need to update your client and server software both with this new version. If you do not have access to your remote server due to quarantine or for some other reason, you should not upgrade this version. If you need our old version it is available here for download.
  • GlassWire memory and disk usage resource improvements.
  • Go to the top left menu to use our new free dark "asphalt" theme!
  • GlassWire now starts faster.
  • DNS resolving is now improved.
  • Graph data loading is now faster and improved.
  • VirusTotal analyzing is now faster.
  • Go to the top left menu "settings" to change GlassWire's speed units.
  • Subscriptions can now be extended if you go to the top right "About" menu.
  • You can now easily change change the remote access IP address.
  • The year was added to the alerts tab and calendar.
  • The date was added to the "while you were away" alert.
  • We fixed a problem with our Korean translation.
  • Things device discovery and DNS resolving is now improved.
  • Fixed a medium severity issue reported to our HackerOne bug bounty program about a theoretical filesystem data corruption due to the privileges granted to its service.
Version 2.1.167 - (October 10, 2019)

Hash # 06CFB6DC3B004061DE05325D3DA8FCD099ADBE4C05439C885C7BE6FC39324AC2

  • Added an animation when switching between firewall modes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the firewall blocked apps to be placed in the incorrect category.
Version 2.1.166 - (September 17, 2019)

Hash # 2E394CA96D8AE6075879891365857A8FFF5E8AE14162DEA25CA39410C90F473D

  • Turn nslookups off in your GlassWire settings to avoid doing nslookups with GlassWire using “” style requests. GlassWire will still show resolved hosts in many cases due to dns packet inspection but will no longer do its own nslookup back resolving.
  • Changes were made on how the Windows “System” and Windows Defender are handled with the firewall.
  • Graph screen optimizations to use even less resources when using GlassWire.
  • New help screens to help with technical issues.
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements.
Version 2.1.158 - (June 13, 2019)

Hash # 560465EED8F83CE983A9C4E5261E6B5C54BA4C824E44B0E46032FE24E480FA50

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a Windows Defender false positive Trojan:Win32/BlockMsav.A!reg. If you are experiencing this issue please be sure you're using our latest software.
  • Fixed some incorrect French language translations.
Version 2.1.157 - (June 3, 2019)

Hash # 50B56304F6E8563C781602F33D0923F95EA9FC3D0967F5E681F125717D877EC9

  • GlassWire now detects and alerts you to RDP or Remote Desktop connections to your PC or server. Go to GlassWire's settings/security to turn this feature off or on.
  • Having trouble finding an app? Click the search icon on GlassWire's firewall tab to quickly find any network-related apps on your PC, then block them.
  • The usage tab now makes it easier to select time periods of more than 1 year.
  • The Windows "System" process now appears under the firewall tab.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes. Thanks for your reports and feedback!
Version 2.1.152 - (February 18, 2019)

Hash # 2DD90307E1BD959E2FF4B98FC2D1649D53D2C588F68D8E9BEDB4F1D9EDAE9685

  • Incognito apps! Now you can set any GlassWire app to Incognito mode. To do so go to the GlassWire Firewall tab, then click the app's icon, then choose "more" then "Incognito". Now that app's host/data info is no longer logged by GlassWire.
  • Fixed translation problems with French and German translations.
  • Fixed an issue where GlassWire's window would change size for some users.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause GlassWire's UI to crash.
  • Other bug fixes and optimizations.
Version 2.1.140 - (December 17, 2018)

Hash # F5915759560ACF7D5D3567FF96733AC02E8EECB782FAE03F4DCC8B06EB7E2559

  • Hosts are now added to "new" network activity desktop alerts.
  • You can now see what ports you're connecting to on GlassWire's Firewall tab.
  • When your device joins or leaves the network you can now see the associated label with its desktop alert.
  • Improvements on dark themes thanks to user feedback.
  • A tooltip is now added for new users that explains how you can click the graph to see network details.
  • Other fixes and improvements.
Version 2.1.137 - (October 29, 2018)

Hash # C17FE575E6868AFEE756E6A1242E5C5C64BA4402EC161A2373897B67D21E53FD

  • GlassWire's awesome new dark skins are now available. Go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose "Skins" then "Night Neon Theme" to begin. You can then try the other different dark skins that are available.
  • GlassWire now shows detailed information about hosts (BETA). Have you ever seen a strange host that you had to look up information on from another website? Now detailed host info is built into GlassWire! To try it out go to our "usage" tab and check the "hosts" column. Now click the host you want info for, mouse over the IP where a circle with three dots appears. Click that icon to "search online" and see detailed host info.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Find an issue or have feedback? Email us or let us know in the forum.
Version 2.0.123 - (June 25, 2018)

Hash # AF845E782BAD64BFAEBD42D6FB198FDB356FF2524C0C0CB5C9AC36FE5BC16048

  • Do you wish GlassWire's fonts were larger? Go to GlassWire's top left "GlassWire" menu and choose "settings" then set the font the size you prefer!
  • Host details are now added to the Graph/Apps popup window.
  • Now you can click on a graph alert and it will take you to the "Alerts" tab for more details.
  • Fixed a problem that caused false file change alerts for svchost.exe.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the GlassWire service to crash in some situations.
Version 2.0.115 - (May 24, 2018)

Hash # 2ECC45A664ACB2410A00F8E1E95AC3112D6A7917AB7E80C3FCE73A212B78778F

  • Have you ever seen unusual activity with an executable, but found it difficult to open up the location of that executable? Now you can click the three dot menu next to the file path to open the location of the executable within Windows.
  • Do you sometimes Google host names or file names to try to find more information about them? We do. Now you can choose "search online" after clicking the three dot menu that's listed after a host name (or file name) to search for more information.
  • GlassWire's EULA and privacy policy were both updated for the GDPR. Your network activity and data usage information never leaves your device. Our company has never been able to see your network activity or app usage, and the GlassWire app does not collect your personal information.
Version 2.0.112 - (April 25, 2018)

Hash # BA9F98D20DE6B94A9E6DB7AB4548BF780D42E28E52192114DB1BF840EF2BC035

  • Column sorting has finally arrived! Mouse over columns under GlassWire's Firewall, Things, or different host and app tabs to sort between hosts, apps, and bandwidth usage.
  • GlassWire firewall list entries are now highlighted so it's easy to line up file analysis results with apps under GlassWire's Firewall tab.
  • It's now very easy to remove all your inactive apps at once in the GlassWire Firewall tab. Go to your inactive apps, then mouse over the inactive apps row and click the X to delete all your inactive apps at once.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some customers to have trouble activating GlassWire Basic, Pro, or Elite in some unusual circumstances.
  • Miscellaneous other bug fixes and improvements.
Version 2.0.105 - (April 4, 2018)

Hash # ACF942CFDCD8BA84F6CE58CE230479109DF145B1279813ECCEA768EA629E40A2

  • Fixed a bug that caused GlassWire's service to hang for some users in some unusual situations.
Version 2.0.102 - (March 26, 2018)

Hash # 3182071124E1EA6B663721E460B23E1612BAD4975AEE7998E30ED6DAF42BC7A7

  • GlassWire now has a daily data usage option with its data plan feature.
  • There is now a VirusTotal report link to allow you to easily see more details on why an app was analyzed a certain way by VirusTotal.
  • The year was added for very old alerts that are from last year, or the previous year.
  • Windows 10 snap assist is now supported again due to requests from GlassWire fans.
  • GlassWire now does a better job of supporting fractional values.
  • Many bugs were fixed due to user feedback including a bug that could make some users crash. We also fixed a bug that caused data to appear under "usage" for apps that are chosen as hidden, we fixed some scaling issues, fixed remote host sorting order along with some other host sorting problems in other GlassWire windows. Our team also fixed a bug that caused GlassWire to crash due to unusual system time changes.
  • Thanks for your help reporting problems so we can fix them and we hope you enjoy this GlassWire update!
Version 2.0.91 - (February 13, 2018)

Hash # 507AAD6E50C3AF170705D4CC7EB6C470F154090905B33990359F7F1465703922

  • Software update notifications will now no longer appear when GlassWire's Snooze mode is on. This was requested by gamers who didn't want to see our update notification while gaming, or streaming live.
  • There is now more "info" when receiving a notice about a "new" application accessing the network. Click the "info" button and you can now see more details about the app and block it without having to open GlassWire.
  • Fixed a bug that caused GlassWire to incorrectly convert extremely large volumes of data incorrectly under its "Usage" tab. Thanks for letting us know about this in the GlassWire forum!
  • Microsoft Windows Defender apps are now white listed by GlassWire so they won't be blocked. This avoids Windows Defender giving GlassWire false positives.
  • Fixed a bug that caused scrolling on our "alerts" screen to not scroll properly with a mouse wheel, when the cursor was placed in a certain part of the window. Thanks for posting this in the forum also!
  • Fixed a bug that caused the GlassWire service to crash repeatedly for some GlassWire users. If you have been having this issue please try updating GlassWire. Thank you to the people who helped us test and fix this issue.
  • Many small fixes with typos and other small things.
Version 2.0.84 - (January 22, 2018)

Hash # 9896B80C80BCF8E8D582875D3945B022C9A53083AE2F8A9846BA834621D5CD9E

  • Fixed a bug that caused our "Ask to connect" mode to work incorrectly for some users.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some users to crash when dragging GlassWire between two monitors.
  • Made changes to GlassWire to avoid false positives from Windows Defender.
  • Improved the upgrade process from GlassWire 1.X to GlassWire 2.X.
  • Solved a problem where some GlassWire users could not switch on the GlassWire firewall setting.
  • Updated the "Usage" tab so it fixes a problem that caused some GlassWire users to see incorrect usage stats.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.
Version 2.0.80 - (December 22, 2017)

Hash # 08CD6A762EC1D069D3BCCD58F7D4540D85330AB81918702F29292F8104CC56EA

  • Fixed a bug that caused some users to not have an exception for system traffic in Windows Firewall.
  • Removed the dependency for the wlanapi.dll for Windows Server customers.
  • Improved the speed of detection of changes to the Windows Hosts file.
  • Made changes to help avoid Windows Defender trojan false positive alerts due to firewall changes.
  • When the GlassWire mini viewer is clicked it will now open the main GlassWire window.
  • GlassWire's window position and size are now remembered between reboots.
  • Fixed a bug with the remote server monitor user interface left panel.
Version 2.0.78 - (December 14, 2017)

Hash # 7C6C54D83343591054DAFB03B49C71662EB377A3A57D098FA10381F08897C307

  • Our major GlassWire 2.0 update is finally here and there are a lot of changes and major new features!
  • GlassWire now has a completely new interface with high resolution monitor support.
  • We have improved our "Usage" screen after hearing your feedback. You can now select day, week, month, or other custom intervals easier.
  • Firewall Profiles! Go to the Firewall tab and choose "Firewall Profiles" to create and save a profile. You can make one profile for public WiFi, and another for home use. Make as many profiles are you need.
  • The GlassWire firewall is now optimized to work better with Windows, plus our firewall rules now synchronize with the Windows Firewall. GlassWire now also checks the integrity of the Windows Firewall on every startup, and can restore itself if changes were made without your knowledge.
  • VirusTotal API support. Go to GlassWire's settings to analyze your network-related files with VirusTotal manually, or automatically.
  • WiFi Evil Twin Alerts! Get notified if a known Wi-Fi access point becomes unprotected or its MAC address is changed. Help protect yourself from Wi-Fi pineapple attacks.
  • You can now choose between system time format and a time format for the native selected language in GlassWire's settings.
  • It's now possible to switch on/off GlassWire's "Things" network scanning in GlassWire's settings.
  • You can now establish a remote connection by hostname, instead of by IP address.
  • GlassWire now has a free 7 day trial of its paid software for free users! Now you can see what you're missing if you only have the free version of GlassWire.
  • GlassWire 2.0 is a free upgrade for 1.0 users. If you run into any activation issues please email us so we can help you get your free upgrade.
Version 1.2.121 - (November 29, 2017)

Hash # 0910AB6D09A9B5858C7028D5A04D27B7B3E515F001F6C32C2C1D1E1E9B4616B5

  • Fixed a bug with the bandwidth overage monitor that would cause it to stay on when turned off.
Version 1.2.120 - (November 21, 2017)

Hash # BFC38D8A0F04C926931104666B3892F53E62B2956056AA40281A6176A94DDBAA

  • Fixed a bug that caused GlassWire to reset the Windows Firewall to its default settings.
  • The problem where the GlassWire installer would sometimes hang for some users is now fixed.
  • GlassWire now has an "Upgrade" button that asks you to buy our software. Please consider upgrading if you enjoy GlassWire.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.
Version 1.2.118 - (September 5, 2017)

Hash # A2AC8AA269AD82E6BBA44402659883E9E53089EFFD69D18D9658483112602725

  • Fixed a bug that caused some GlassWire Basic, Pro, and Elite users to become deactivated in some unusual situations.
  • Due to requests from GlassWire fans, incognito mode now stays persistent after a restart of GlassWire, or after a reboot.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the mini viewer to not save its position with some dual monitor configurations.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some GlassWire to crash if a certain kind of audio driver was used.
Version 1.2.109 - (July 12, 2017)

Hash # 6197E3E18E216C4067D0C5C7717065A2C6200628E7A7607E422602E2CF092AAC

  • Fixed a bug that caused the GlassWire Idle Monitor to crash with some OS versions in some unusual situations.
  • The mini viewer should now always remember its position and size for all users and OS versions.
  • Fixed the sorting order of the remote hosts on the Firewall tab.
  • Fixed a problem that caused our Mic/Webcam detection feature to stop working with some Windows 10 versions.
Version 1.2.102 - (May 25, 2017)

Hash # FD976333A81AA58DF592CEBD118A00C5599A13B915C6EFFC857BB3B64E939789

  • Fixed a problem that caused some executables to have no description in unusual situations.
  • IP sorting is now correct with the "Network" tab.
  • Other bug fixes and resource usage enhancements.
Version 1.2.100 - (April 4, 2017)

Hash # F3448068ACD6BA33A9B1DC1A1296724B47384F9AB7F0E0715137873F2570F109

  • Fixed a problem that caused some users with some types of audio drivers to crash.
  • Fixed some typos for some languages, reported by users.
  • Fixed a text overlap in the Network tab.
  • Solved a problem where some users received false host/lmhost file change alerts.
  • Fixed a problem reported on HackerOne.
  • Stability and resource usage improvements.
Version 1.2.96 - (February 13, 2017)

Hash # B8505E56EF2B3148BA1A4051061C86C7

  • You can now change firewall modes from the GlassWire Windows tray menu. Right click the GlassWire icon in the bottom right Windows tray to change modes.
  • The year is now added to the GlassWire network tab.
  • Three security upgrades were made due to HackerOne bug reports.
  • Fixed a problem where a network scan could cause the GlassWire service to crash.
  • We added protection so third party DLL files can no longer interact with GlassWire and cause it to crash.
Version 1.2.88 - (December 27, 2016)

Hash # 9033F95A30097ED4ECEEFD5486FB1C4D

  • You can now scan manually for devices under GlassWire's "Network" tab. Basic, Pro, and Elite users will have an automatic scan every 30 minutes, while free users can scan manually by pressing the "scan" button. We made this change because GlassWire was scanning so often in our previous update that some types of network hardware were giving false positives about GlassWire causing a network problem.
  • To disable Network auto-scanning completely create a text file called glasswire.conf and place it in the c:\programdata\glasswire\service folder. Add this string to the text file: enable_network_scan = false then restart the GlassWire service. We plan to add a setting for this in the future.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some users to crash.
Version 1.2.79 - (November 21, 2016)

Hash # 8AE42A7FE202044D72E80CAFB6AB121C

  • GlassWire's network tab functionality has been rewritten from scratch! GlassWire now picks up new network connected devices faster, and shows more accurate information. Give it a try and let us know what you think.
  • Fixed a bug where some users would click the GlassWire icon in the Windows taskbar tray and nothing would happen.
  • Made a change to allow GlassWire to work with some VPN services that don't allow reverse host lookups.
  • Many other bug fixes and resource usage improvements.
Version 1.2.76 - (October 20, 2016)

Hash # 53C22AC838E566BAF89B2344CCE9A276

  • Removed an old unreliable cipher between the client and the service to improve connection security.
  • Changed the default listening port to port 7010 to avoid false positive scans for some security software. This means that you must install GlassWire locally and on your remote servers for this update or the connection will not work.
  • Fixed a problem where some free users would see a crash when trying to start a remote connection to another PC or server.
  • Graph history is now more securely erased when cleared by the user.
  • Local traffic is detected even more accurately now.
Version 1.2.74 - (September 15, 2016)

Hash # 301E7B77632676C97908AF8745A89C59

  • Fixed a problem where no remote servers were selected in the list by default.
  • Fixed a bug with the alerts counter.
  • The mini viewer caption now shows "local" traffic when necessary.
  • The network tab would show an IP with all zeros for some users in some rare cases. This problem is now fixed.
  • Miscellaneous performance improvements and bug fixes.
Version 1.2.73 - (August 5, 2016)

Hash # F04225895C14CEE6974003771E48E6E6

  • GlassWire is now out of beta.
  • Fixed a problem with incorrect IP sorting on the network tab.
  • Usage showed incorrect local/external traffic counting in some cases.
  • Fixed a problem with the usage calendar user interface.
  • Many minor fixes and stability improvements due to user feedback.
Version 1.2.71 beta - (July 4, 2016)

Hash # 01BCCEC3080E447ECA654F468EB1300F

  • Fixed a bug where some users would receive a DLL integrity error.
Version 1.2.70 beta - (June 30, 2016)

Hash # 192529678125296F41CAA7D4A0C3551E

  • Labels for devices are now available under the "network" tab. Mouse over the network device you want to give a custom name to, then click the "label" bubble to make a custom name.
  • Alerts are now automatically marked as "read" if a desktop alert pop-up is closed by the mouse.
  • "Sort by IP" is now working properly under the "network" tab.
  • Fixed some problems reported on HackerOne.
  • Minor bug fixes and further resource usage optimizations.
Version 1.2.64 beta - (May 10, 2016)

Hash # DE5A323C8856F1799BA1049440915CD2

  • Solved a problem reported on HackerOne.
  • Improved data statistic accuracy along with improving local and external traffic type detection.
  • Fixed a bug with remote connections for specific hosts.
  • Fixed a bug with application path resolving.
  • Fixed bugs with the Usage/Apps section and improved its functionality.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Usage tab to not load for some users.
  • Fixed a problem with Incognito mode.
  • Many new small fixes and improvements.
Version 1.2.57 beta - (Apr 12, 2016)

Hash # 190696D797F01D3CB44A703E3CB9491B

  • Fixed a problem where GlassWire's service would not start for some users.
  • Made a partial change to how the admin settings work due to a bug report on HackerOne.
  • Clean installs now no longer require you re-enter your activation code if you're a Basic, Pro, or Elite user.
  • The Polish language was added.
  • The Usage tab animation was updated so it looks nicer.
  • Fixed a bug where some user databases were corrupted on upgrade.
  • The process of fetching data from the service is now more efficient along with other performance improvements.
Version 1.2.54 beta - (Mar 29, 2016)

Hash # 220BFB7F6AC62C223DF69D88334D90AA

  • GlassWire 1.2 is finally here! This 1.2 update is a major rewrite that was done to decrease memory usage significantly for all GlassWire users.
  • Overall memory usage for GlassWire decreased significantly, even with very long graph histories.
  • Fixed a bug with "Ask to connect" mode where it did not work properly for a small number of users.
  • Fixed a bug with "Ask to connect" mode where SMB, LDAP, and VPN connections would not work in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug for Microsoft Surface users where GlassWire could sometimes cause problems when the Surface is idle.
  • The graph "Max" value is now replaced with the real amount of downloaded and uploaded data in that graph period to make it easier to understand.
  • Fixed a bug where the bandwidth overage monitor would not work correctly for some users in some cases.
  • Turkish language support is now available in GlassWire. Go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose Turkish as your language option.
  • This update also includes dozens of other bug fixes reported by users in the forum and reported to our helpdesk. Thanks for your help in testing this major new version of GlassWire!
Version 1.1.41 beta - (Jan 29, 2016)

Hash # E5626B27D99861AB1976F5359D222706

  • Updated our installer to avoid a potential vulnerability reported on HackerOne.
  • Fixed a bug where some GlassWire clients in some unusual circumstances would crash at midnight.
Version 1.1.39 beta - (Dec 24, 2015)

Hash # 91EB0E17568AB8E8B1FA13D635A4502E

  • Updated our installer to avoid a potential DLL vulnerability reported on HackerOne.
  • The installer was released, then removed due to a false positive virus warning from a popular antivirus. GlassWire's false positive virus warning was removed after contacting the antivirus company and we then re-released the update. There were also minimal changes made to the installer to see if it might help us avoid future false positives.
Version 1.1.36 beta - (Dec 3, 2015)

Hash # A4C63A3581C8411F62FCF7B3DD3744CB

  • GlassWire now makes it easy to remove old apps from the Firewall tab. Click the X next to the app name to remove it. The app will re-appear in the firewall list if it accesses the network again.
  • Fixed a problem that caused Webcam and Mic usage to not be detected for some Windows 10 users with a specific system update.
  • Added upload and download bandwidth levels on the mini viewer for paid users.
  • Fixed a bug that caused settings under the "Usage" tab to not be saved.
  • GlassWire now restores the install path from the previous installation.
  • Many other tweaks and fixes due to user feedback.
Version 1.1.32 beta - (Oct 14, 2015)

Hash # F409DCC354860E6CE22ECE4674A694D0

  • Made a minor change to the install process to make it more efficient.
Version 1.1.31 beta - (Oct 8, 2015)

Hash # F15893FB91D45F5C78CDE8FDDAD73FCF

  • Fixed a problem that caused some GlassWire user PCs to wake from sleep under certain conditions.
Version 1.1.27 beta - (Sep 29, 2015)

Hash # DA45B7A6E555CED11BD527D706DE8D81

  • Fixed a problem where webcams and mics were not detected for some users.
Version 1.1.26 beta - (Sep 23, 2015)

Hash # 379E0D85B2AADEA72C924CC2DB5CA0D6

  • Go to the General settings to choose the "Keep mini viewer on top" option.
  • Fixed a path problem for applications running on a shared network.
  • Fixed a bug where "Ask to connect" and "Block all" modes would not work in a few cases for some users.
  • Added a new flag for geographic locations for IP addresses which are not local and do not resolve.
  • Fixed a bug where some devices on the network had strange characters next to their name for some users.
Version 1.1.21 beta - (Jul 30, 2015)

Hash # 3DAB5A227A5EA55ACC7C052FA8BEA6C1

  • Inactive firewall applications are now grouped separately under the "Firewall" tab if they show no attempted network activity for 7 days.
  • Now get alerted about new unknown devices that join the network, instead of getting alerts about every device that joins or leaves the network. Go to GlassWire's settings then choose "Security" then click "Network device monitor".
  • DNS is now resolved for local hosts.
  • Away intervals now appear in the "mini" graph.
  • Many fixes and improvements including a bug that caused GlassWire's graph not to start working for some users.
Version 1.1.15 beta - (May 29, 2015)

Hash # 18A5B4F708E3521E8D4A3ACBD786520C

  • Many bugs were fixed including some problems with Ask to connect mode, Webcam/Mic usage alerts, the Internet access monitor, and we also fixed a problem where some users would lose their graph data after upgrading GlassWire.
  • A bug was fixed where GlassWire's service would crash for some users in some situations.
  • This version of GlassWire is now fully translated to all our translated languages.
  • The mini viewer now shows the current main graph status in its window along with the ability to make the window transparent in its settings. Mouse over the mini graph then click the small settings icon to make the mini graph transparent.
  • We were able to fix these problems and update our features due to your feedback and support. Thank you for all your help and thanks for supporting GlassWire!
Version 1.1.7 beta - (Apr 30, 2015)

Hash # ABB11C7C80D94D088FD235E11CFC2123

  • GlassWire Basic, Pro, and Elite are now available for purchase!
  • GlassWire has many new features for paying users including;
  • Ask to connect mode - Allow or deny new network connections.
  • Block all mode - Block all network connections while you're away from your computer.
  • Mini graph - See a mini GlassWire graph on your desktop that's available at all times.
  • Webcam & Mic detection - Get alerted to any Microphone or Webcam activity that takes place with your computer and learn what application is responsible.
  • Who's on your WiFi or Network - See what devices are currently on your network or WiFi and get alerted when new devices join or leave.
  • Awesome new skins - Go to the top left GlassWire menu to see the graph with some fun new skins and colors.
  • Longer graph history - Get longer graph histories depending on what version of GlassWire you buy.
  • Multiple server monitoring - Monitor multiple servers depending on what version of GlassWire you buy.
  • Hide application activity - Hide certain applications where their data doesn't appear on the graph so the graph is easier to read and understand.
Version 1.0.45 beta - (Apr 23, 2015)

Hash # C0733DEE0A565FF22C2C4CADD47B9F06

  • Certificate changes were made to add backwards compatibility with older OS versions.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.
Version 1.0.44 beta - (Apr 16, 2015)

Hash # 57134DA2D3D9C90BB173796CBB2D5E32

  • GlassWire is now signed by an SHA256 certificate.
  • Bug fixes.
Version 1.0.43 beta - (Apr 14, 2015)

Hash # D9EE189DD3EDE0B58C2A500637F886F8

  • Bug fixes.
  • Stability improvements.
Version 1.0.40 beta - (Mar 12, 2015)

Hash # 4D7E8F1CE28DBFDA6001BA4197BEC475

  • We have worked hard to significantly improve GlassWire's memory usage. Please upgrade as soon as possible if you have found GlassWire is using too much memory on your computer.
  • Fixed a problem where Portuguese units were incorrectly listed.
  • The GlassWire certificate is now removed from trusted publishers on uninstall.
  • Many other minor fixes and improvements.
Version 1.0.38 beta - (Feb 19, 2015)

Hash # E54F0E50AFE476643056548D946FE0A8

  • GlassWire added Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese translations. Go to the top left "GlassWire" menu to choose your language.
  • High resolution monitors should now display GlassWire correctly for Windows 8 users.
  • A problem where remote connections didn't always work is now fixed.
  • The process of transmitting data from the GlassWire service is now optimized and much faster.
  • It's now possible to mute certain alerts that you don't want to see. Go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose "Settings" then uncheck the "show desktop notification" box.
  • If you receive an alert that your DNS settings were changed GlassWire now includes more detailed information including your current and previous DNS addresses.
  • Many other bugs and instability problems were fixed, plus many optimizations were made to make GlassWire work more efficiently. Thank you for reporting problems to us in the forum and via email so we can fix them.
Version 1.0.35 beta - (Dec 26, 2014)

Hash # B6AB744E7CAB707C5ED738245BF2BF16

  • GlassWire is now translated to German, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese. Go to the top left "GlassWire" menu to choose your language.
  • If GlassWire itself is blocked from accessing the Internet the firewall will warn you that you may miss software updates and your suspicious host list won't be updated.
  • Rate limiting added for remote servers.
  • We fixed many bugs reported by users. Thank you for your support and happy holidays!
Version 1.0.30 beta - (Nov 07, 2014)

Hash # 5A30E6E8588F50A726BBF8F50673ECFB

  • Fixed a problem where a small number of users were experiencing a BSOD error in some situations.
  • Other stability fixes and improvements.
Version 1.0.28 beta - (Oct 23, 2014)

Hash # 84C779C103F744B0194DF5688FF8EF2A

  • User interface optimizations and stability improvements including showing idle time in the bottom mini graph.
  • Remote access passwords encrypted on the hard drive. Your remote access passwords now must be re-entered on the client and server sides.
  • Invalid remote password attempts rate limited.
  • Windows 10 now supported.
  • Darker easier to read text.
  • Some Usage tab calendar bugs are now fixed.
  • A strong password meter was added for remote access.
  • Animations were added for the connection re-establishment process.
  • Remote access failure to connect reported by users is now fixed.
  • Notifications displayed outside the desktop is now fixed.
  • Blank admin password issue is now fixed.
  • GlassWire now uses the Windows OS UAC mechanism instead of password checks. If you are not admin you will be asked for your password, but if you are admin you may only see the UAC prompt.
Version 1.0.25 beta - (Sep 17, 2014)

Hash # 36F4A5B035960E6BCC1DDF982BBCCAA1

  • Update notification bug fixed.
Version 1.0.24 beta - (Sep 11, 2014)

Hash # BDBFD519B535C5C415009C222DE2E6C3

  • GlassWire driver installation issues are fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where some security applications claimed GlassWire is watching the clipboard.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the GlassWire "Usage" tab to look bad on some monitors.
Version 1.0.23 beta - (Sep 04, 2014)

Hash # 7F38EE01680E097C2D3FC1D517810CF9

  • Service description added to the Windows Service Manager.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused GlassWire to crash if the Windows Firewall was disabled.
  • Alert numbers added to the GlassWire taskbar icon.
  • Ugly font problems some users experienced on Surface tablets and other hardware fixed.
  • Pin to taskbar is now unchecked by default in the installer.
  • Fixed a problem where GlassWire looked ugly in remote desktop sessions.
  • Fixed a driver issue where some users reported a BSOD.
  • Fixed a problem where some users saw only "visualizing network" with no graph data.
  • Many other small bug fixes and improvements. Thank you for your feedback and bug reports.
Version 1.0.21 beta - (Aug 21, 2014)

Hash # A4F06FF8DA4D56D2DFB9ABC82EB89CF3

  • GlassWire's first software release and launch date!
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