Protect your computer or server with GlassWire Endpoint Security

Visualize all past and present network data in a beautifully designed and easy-to-understand graph. Gain extra Internet security now with GlassWire Endpoint Security!

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FastCompany “…brings attention to suspicious Internet activities”
NetworkWorld “Who is your computer talking to?”
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LifeHacker “…identify problematic or malicious application”
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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber attacks are a great concern. Malware enters your endpoint when a malicious packet of data is downloaded from the Internet. It can heavily harm your device and, even worse, the data stored inside it.

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Cyber Attacks / min

In 2022 according to Netscout data.

At its core, GlassWire endpoint security protects your devices with a simple yet powerful combination of exchanged data monitoring and blocking, via a dedicated, personal firewall. Install GlassWire on PC and Windows servers, and start filtering out potentially dangerous apps and data. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Try GlassWire!

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Powerful security features

  • Graph

    Real time data

    Keep track of the data each single app is exchanging. Be alerted on abnormal peaks of traffic and prevent software that you don’t trust to download or upload data.

  • Alerts

    Smart alerts

    An advanced notification system prevents redundant alerts, while giving evidence of suspicious behaving apps. New connections, abnormal data consumption and changes in software versions instantly trigger an alert.

  • Firewall

    Powerful firewall

    With GlassWire, you can configure custom security profiles and activate them in just one click. Setup default configurations to allow or deny groups of apps to best suit your needs.

  • GlassWire Score

    GlassWire Score

    Gain better insight into the safety of the applications running on a PC

  • Anomaly Detection

    Anomaly detection

    Detect and point out anomalies in your network traffic which may look suspicious

  • Remote Server

    Remote monitoring

    Install GlassWire Endpoint Security on your remote and virtual servers and configure the software to only allow trusted sources of traffic. Prevent malicious apps and block suspicious activity.

Real Time Data Smart Alerts Powerful firewall GlassWire Score Anomaly Detection Remote Monitoring

Internet Security

  • Internet Security

    Safely surf the Internet with GlassWire Endpoint Security. Visualize all past and present network data from your devices and servers in a beautifully informative graph.

  • Firewall

    GlassWire continuously monitors applications and processes communicating over the Internet, and to whom or from where your applications are communicating.

  • First Network Access

    Smart alerts will notify you whenever a new application accesses the network so that you can identify potential vulnerabilities and proactively block them.

Bandwidth Usage Monitor

GlassWire monitors your internet activity in a dedicated dashboard. See what apps, traffic, or hosts are using the most bandwidth.

See something strange? Click the icon of the app or traffic type to see more details about where your bandwidth was going along with any available geographically located IP information.

Bandwidth Usage
Network Security Alerts

Network Security Alerts

With network security at its core, Glasswire checks and tracks system file changes, devices on the network, and app info changes, and monitors Address Resolution Protocols (ARP) to prevent spoofing. GlassWire alerts you on new versus known IP address accesses, to ensure you stay aware of new activity while keeping the notification flow lean.

GlassWire Formula

GlassWire includes a beautiful, informative network visualizer, firewall management, rules for network monitoring, and a partnership with VirusTotal. Start the never-ending war against malware and spyware with a leg up, add GlassWire to your primary antivirus product, and enhance your security today.

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