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GlassWire is a free network monitor & security tool with a built in firewall.
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Visual Network Monitoring

Use GlassWire's simple to use interface to view all your past and present network activity on a graph. Click the graph to see what applications initiated the incoming or outgoing bandwidth and instantly see what hosts the applications were communicating with. Hosts are automatically resolved and also include their country of origin. Click the Apps and Traffic options to break down network activity by applications and traffic types.

Internet Security

  • GlassWire adds extra Internet security to your computer or server by visualizing all past and present network data in an easy to understand graph. Instantly see every application or process communicating over the Internet, then dive in deeper to see who or what your computer is communicating with. Whenever anything new on your computer accesses the network GlassWire lets you know with a discreet alert that won't interrupt your workflow or server.

  • GlassWire also has a toolbox of network security checks like system file change detection, device list change detection, app info change detection, ARP spoofing monitoring, and we're just getting started. Our software also alerts you if your computer or server is communicating with a known IP or domain threat. We're working hard on adding many more intrusion detection rules to GlassWire in the future.

  • Unfortunately comprehensive malware detection and perfect network intrusion detection does not exist. Our software isn't perfect but we hope that GlassWire's mix of easy to use network visualization, firewall management, and network monitoring rules will do good in the never ending war against spyware and malware. GlassWire's Internet Security is a second line of defense and should always be used with a separate primary antivirus product.

GlassWire Score

GlassWire Score

Gain better insight into the safety of the applications running on a PC

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection

Detect and point out anomalies in your network traffic which may look suspicious

Management Console

The Management Console is your personal dashboard that you can access from anywhere, and allows you to view and manage all endpoints associated to your account. Within the Management console you are able to access and make changes to your account information, manage billing details, upgrade your plan and add an unlimited number of endpoints. Free download

Internet Privacy Protection

Is your network feeling slow? Maybe your neighbor is logged on to your WiFi and watching Netflix. See a list of devices on the network and get alerted when devices join or leave with our new network device list feature.

  • Network Time Machine

    GlassWire is an easy to use tool that can see your past and present network activity. Use the sliders to go back in time and analyze past network activity on the graph. Check your bandwidth usage by day, week, and month in detail with resolved hosts.

    Go to the graph view of the Traffic Monitor tab, or the Log Analysis tab to see exactly when an app first accessed the Internet and what hosts it communicated with along with any available geoip country information represented by a small flag. Check the graph for past security alerts along with detailed host information. It's easy to see past network activity with GlassWire along with detailed network activity on a simple to understand graph.

  • Discreet Alerts

    We specifically designed the GlassWire alert system so it wasn't annoying to users. It's important to see what network changes are happening on your computer or server but constant pop-ups that need to be closed are frustrating. If you're doing a screencast or don't want any alerts at all for a set period go to the GlassWire menu and choose “snooze” to stop receiving alerts for 24 hours. We understand that in some cases alerts from software can be very annoying. GlassWire alerts appear briefly and then disappear into the background. You can go to the Log Analysis tab or check the graph any time later to check out the alert in detail. If you don't like alerts at all you can disable our security alerts in the settings, or just disable our alerts in the main settings window. If security alerts aren't your thing you can disable them all and just use GlassWire as a network monitor, however we don't recommend this.

Bandwidth Usage Monitor

Keeping track of your daily, weekly, or monthly bandwidth usage is easy with GlassWire. Go to the Usage Table view of the Traffic Monitor tab to see what apps, traffic, or hosts are using the most bandwidth. See something strange? Click the icon of the app or traffic type to see more details about where your bandwidth was going along with any available geoip country ip information. Independently analyze traffic by exporting data as a CSV. Please keep in mind that GlassWire only keeps track of bandwidth for the computer and server it's installed on and not total bandwidth usage on your network. Free download

Multiple Remote Server Monitoring

Do you monitor remote servers for business, gaming, VOIP applications, or web applications? GlassWire installs easily on servers so you can monitor their network activity on your local computer via our remote access feature. Go to GlassWire's settings and choose “remote server” to logon to your server after you have installed GlassWire on your local computer and remote server.
GlassWire works exactly the same way on a remote server as it does on your local computer. See security alerts, new app network activity, and much more!

RDP Connection Detection

RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol connections give full remote access control to your PC or server. The person with an RDP connection to your PC can see your desktop and everything you're doing in real time. GlassWire detects new RDP connections and will let you know any time an RDP connection occurs.

WiFi Evil Twin Detection

Get alerted when new WiFi hardware appears nearby with your same network name, and also get alerted if your WiFi network suddenly loses its password.

WIFI evil twin alert

Internet Privacy Protection

GlassWire shows all your network activity on an easy to use graph to help protect your Internet privacy. Easily see what apps are sending out data to the Internet and what host in what country they are communicating with. When you visit a website click the graph to see every server that your computer communicated with while that web page loaded. Visit a popular website with GlassWire running and you'll be shocked to see how many different hosts are communicating with your computer for just one site. Every time a new application accesses the Internet GlassWire will alert you. You can then use GlassWire's firewall to block the application.
GlassWire's graph also shows when your computer is in use or idle. Keep track of major network activity when you were away from your computer and try to find out if that means something is wrong or if it's normal behavior.

  • Ask to connect

    Ask to Connect

    Refuse new network connections until you're asked to approve or deny the connection by GlassWire.

  • Lock down mode

    Lock down mode

    Leaving your computer for awhile? Wouldn't you feel better if you could block all network connectivity while you're away? It's easy with GlassWire.

  • Mini graph

    Mini Graph

    Keep a small graph on your desktop at all times without having to open up the full GlassWire application.

Globe Interactive World Map

Gain insight into the countries you are communicating with. Explore GlassWire's innovative interactive world map for an instant visual insight into your data's worldwide destinations. Witness a graphical representation of your device's connections to various countries. Live connection lines visually display both incoming and outgoing traffic in real-time. Free download

  • Skins and dark themes

    New colored graphs as requested. Upgrade to activate them.

  • Firewall Profiles

    Instantly switch between different profiles for different scenarios. Have one firewall profile for public WiFi and another for home user.

  • Unlimited Graph History

    Increase your GlassWire graph history depending on the version of GlassWire you upgrade to.

Go Premium to unleash the full power of GlassWire

Download and use our software for free. Upgrade to premium and use all the features with no limitations for complete internet protection.

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