GlassWire Alert Dictionary

A list of GlassWire alert icons along with a description of what they represent.

  • Evil twin

    RDP Connection Detection

    Detect RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol Connections) where someone may be fully accessing your PC or server's desktop and may have full control of that machine.

  • Evil twin

    WiFi Evil Twin Alert

    Know when new hardware comes online that uses the same WiFi network name you’re currently using. This feature helps you avoid “evil twin” attacks where a separate new WiFi network is made to trick you or your colleagues into connecting to it to monitor your network activity illegally or exploit your device. This alert also tells you when your WiFi network loses its password.

  • Application monitor

    New Application Monitor

    Alerts you every time a new unknown application is accessing the Internet or network. Initially you may receive a lot of these alerts immediately after installing GlassWire but they will become rare over time. These alerts are useful because you can see when any new application on your system is suddenly accessing the Internet and investigate the details. It's interesting to see what applications phone home to unknown servers or do things you never expected on the network.

  • File changed

    System File Changed

    Alerts you to a system file that has changed that is network related. If a network related file is modified it may be a good idea to check it out if you didn't initiate the change yourself.

  • Driver changed

    Device List Change

    Alerts you to any network related devices on your system that were changed.

  • App info changed

    Application info monitor

    Alerts you to changes with any applications that access the Internet that could be caused by malware.

  • Away

    While you were away

    Gives you a summary of what network activity occurred on your computer while you were away or while your computer was idle.

  • ARP

    ARP Spoofing

    Looks for and reports ARP spoofing. ARP spoofing may allow an attacker to intercept data, modify your Internet traffic, or stop your traffic all together.

  • Limit

    Traffic Monitor

    Go to the "Usage" tab and click the "Options" on the left side to set an alert once you hit a certain bandwidth level.

  • Proxy changed

    Proxy Monitor

    Alert you to proxy use or changes.

  • DNS changed

    DNS settings

    Alerts you to DNS changes on your system. Some toolbars or malware can change your DNS settings without your permission. Using unknown DNS servers can be dangerous or cause you to experience annoying ads.

  • Internet off

    Internet Access Monitor

    Alerts you to Internet access changes on your system.

  • User in

    Remote Client Connection

    If you enable the remote access feature this alert lets you know when you connect to your server or computer remotely with GlassWire. Remote monitoring is popular with GlassWire users who manage remote servers for work, gaming, etc…

  • Host access

    Suspicious Hosts

    GlassWire keeps an up to date list of known suspicious hosts and alerts you if you contact one. Suspicious hosts are often related to botnets, malware, and other malicious behavior.

  • Ask to connect

    Ask to connect

    Allow or deny a new network connection to your computer.

  • Network graph

    New network device

    A new device just joined your network or WiFi.

  • Other

    We may have some other useful security related alerts that we don't list here yet but feel free to ask on helpdesk or forum if you see something and you don't know what it means.

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