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Do I have malware on my computer?

Do you think GlassWire detected something strange? Here's what to do next.

Did GlassWire show you some unusual activity that you think could be malware? There are lots of things you can do to investigate further.

Scan For Viruses
GlassWire works with your antivirus application. First open your antivirus application and then make sure its definitions are up to date. Next click the "virus scan" button in GlassWire next to the application or file you are concerned about. If your virus scan still shows no problem then it may be time to try a full system scan.

Don't run the default system scan which may miss some important parts of your PC. Be sure the application you are using is doing a full system scan and it's checking every part of your computer including your hard drive, connected storage, your master boot record, boot sector, and any applications running in the memory.

If you have no antivirus installed or if you're unhappy with your current antivirus it may be worth trying Microsoft's Security Essentials if it’s not installed on your computer already HerdProtect is another security application that is powered by over 60 different anti-malware engines that may be able to find something your single antivirus application missed.

If you're still feeling nervous about the application on your computer you can try uploading it to VirusTotal VirusTotal analyzes your file with many different anti-malware engines. If you feel your file may be confidential it's important to review their terms of service first

Host Checking
What was the host that your computer was contacting that you're concerned about? Sometimes it's useful to look up information about the host by visiting a website like or

Malicious Software Removal Tool
Microsoft has a malicious software removal tool that may already be installed on your system. Download and install the tool and see if it detects anything unusual.

GlassWire Forum
If you’re still worried please post your story on our forum so the GlassWire community can try to help you. Also if GlassWire did find malware on your computer we'd love to hear your story in our forum or please contact us another way.