Do I have malware on my computer?

Do you think GlassWire detected something strange? Here's what to do next.

Did GlassWire show you some unusual activity that you think could be malware? There are lots of things you can do to investigate further.


VirusTotal checks suspicious software samples with several antivirus solutions and helps antivirus labs by forwarding them the malware they fail to detect. VirusTotal is not an antivirus and should not be treated as one. GlassWire itself may occasionally be flagged as malware by VirusTotal as a false positive. If you have any concerns about this please email us, or post in our forum so we can help you investigate.

To begin trying the VirusTotal API inside GlassWire click the "Unlock" button in GlassWire's settings window and check the box "Enable manual file analysis by VirusTotal. Please review the VirusTotal agreement underneath this check box. Any file you upload will be shared with the VirusTotal information security community. Please check the VirusTotal privacy policy for details on solving problems for different file upload scenarios. No files are shared with GlassWire.

Now, to analyze a file with VirusTotal go to GlassWire's Firewall tab, then mouse over the "VirusTotal" column and click "Analyze" on the file you want analyzed. Please note, uploading files to VirusTotal will use some network activity and you should use caution if you are on a metered or limited connection.

Once you analyzed the file you can click the file name to see the results on

If the VirusTotal API is turned on VirusTotal cannot see your GlassWire network activity, but VirusTotal can see any files you choose to analyze.

If you'd like to check all your network related files with VirusTotal all the time and you have no concerns about uploading any network related files to VirusTotal you can choose the API setting "Automatically analyze all apps with network activity with VirusTotal." Now all your network related files will be automatically checked by VirusTotal and you can check them all any time under the GlassWire "Firewall" tab.

Host Checking

Concerned about a host you’re connecting too? Paste the host into to see if it is flagged as dangerous.

Malicious Software Removal Tool

Microsoft has a malicious software removal tool that may already be installed on your system. Download and install the tool and see if it detects anything unusual.

GlassWire Forum

If you’re still worried please post your story on our forum so the GlassWire community can try to help you. Also if GlassWire did find malware on your computer we'd love to hear your story in our forum or please contact us another way.

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