What is apphostregistrationverifier.exe? 5 ways to see if it’s safe.

What is apphostregistrationverifier.exe?

Have you ever had one app launch another app to help with a task? If so, you’ve probably used this helpful executable. We think that apphostregistrationverifier.exe keeps all these helpful app-to-app interactions up to date on your PC so your apps can continue to work together in an efficient way within Windows.

Publisher: Microsoft Windows

apphostregistrationverifier.exe stands for App Uri Handlers Registration Verifier.

What does apphostregistrationverifier.exe do?

Supports Microsoft’s ability to launch one app from another app, enabling helpful app-to-app scenarios.

Is apphostregistrationverifier.exe safe? 5 easy ways to see if apphostregistrationverifier.exe is safe or malware.

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Why does apphostregistrationverifier.exe access the network?

While investigating apphostregistrationverifier.exe with the GlassWire network security monitor on our devices based in the USA we found it connects to servers controlled by Microsoft at standard.t-0001.t-msedge.net. The domain it connected to made us wonder if this .exe does a lot of work with Microsoft’s new Edge browser to make sure it handles different tasks within the Windows OS app ecosystem efficiently. For example if you want to open a PDF file with Edge or use some other hand off system between apps perhaps this executable takes care of that task, or makes it known to Windows that it’s possible to accomplish. Since this appears to be a very useful part of Windows we wouldn’t recommend blocking this executable with GlassWire’s firewall.

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