What is pingsender.exe? 5 ways to see if it’s safe.

What is pingsender.exe?

Pingsender.exe’s name is a bit concerning because it sounds like your PC is sending out pings somehow to other servers, and most people don’t want their PC to do that without permission. Fortunately though this .exe is a part of Mozilla’s Firefox browser and it’s not a dangerous app. Pingsender.exe is made by Firefox to collect telemetry data so they can improve their popular browser for everyone who uses it. We at GlassWire are not big fans of telemetry, but in this case we think it’s OK to allow Firefox to send this data because of their strict privacy policy.

Publisher: Pingsender.exe should be signed by Mozilla Corporation or it’s most likely not the Pingsender.exe we’re talking about here.

pingsender.exe stands for Ping Sender as you might have imagined. Perhaps they should have called it “telemetry sender” though, or perhaps the .exe would sound less menacing if they mentioned the name “firefox” in the .exe name itself.

Is pingsender.exe safe? 5 easy ways to see if pingsender.exe is safe or malware.

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Why does pingsender.exe access the network?

While monitoring pingsender.exe with the GlassWire app from GlassWire’s USA headquarters we found it connected to servers controlled by Mozilla Corporation (the creators of Firefox browser) at prod.data-ingestion.prod.dataops.mozgcp.net and these appear to be known Firefox telemetry servers. They collect data to help them improve the Firefox browser. If you haven’t made Firefox your default browser we at GlassWire recommend you do so. It’s important that alternative browsers exist and that there is no monopoly for web browsers, otherwise browser technology may stagnate in the future if there is only one organization creating browser technology that has no competition.

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