What is winstore.app.exe? 5 ways to see if it’s safe.

What is winstore.app.exe?

winstore.app.exe could be Microsoft’s attempt at locking all developers into their own store system, similar to what Apple has done with iOS, and Google has done with Android. Fortunately, developers haven’t fallen for this awful nightmare and Windows PCs can continue to do awesome things with all types of software! For example, anyone in the world can create a new .exe game and share it, and anyone who wants to try it can choose to do so. This sharing of new technology is what the Internet is all about and we hope Windows never tries to lock PCs in the same horrifying “store” system like Mac and iPhone users are stuck in. Would Minecraft have ever even existed if developers were forced to use a horrible closed store system? I doubt it and I hope Microsoft will remember that for the sake of Windows users everywhere.

Publisher: Microsoft

winstore.app.exe stands for Windows Store (oops I threw up in my mouth a little when I said it).

What does winstore.app.exe do?

Pretends to be an app store for Windows apps, but everyone knows the real apps and games are on the Web, Steam, or Epic store.

Is winstore.app.exe safe? 5 easy ways to see if winstore.app.exe is safe or malware.

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Why does winstore.app.exe access the network?

While investigating winstore.app.exe with the GlassWire network security monitor on our devices based in the USA we found it connects to servers controlled by Microsoft, but we didn’t even give it time to connect. Since we feel the Windows Store is worthless, we immediately block it with our firewall and never give it a second thought since the concept of a closed store for PC software and games is completely insane! Does Microsoft think we’re Mac users or something like that? Gross! Microsoft, if you’re reading this please kill the “Windows Store” and keep Windows PCs open and fun.

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