GlassWire Quick Start Guide

Quickly learn how to use GlassWire's basic features.

Thank you for downloading and installing GlassWire. GlassWire monitors your network activity to help protect your computer, data, and privacy.

After installation you will see the main GlassWire graph window and you may see some "New" alerts that let you know about all the applications that are currently accessing the network on your computer.

The main GlassWire graph shows a visual representation of your network activity. Left click on the graph to see more details about what applications and hosts your computer is communicating with and right click to continue using the graph normally. Use the sliders and the "week", "24 hours", "3 hours", and "5 minutes" buttons to choose the time and dates you want to show on the graph.

The "Firewall" tab lets you block applications from accessing the Internet. Click the fire icon next to the application icon again to stop blocking them. Colored fire icons means the application is currently blocked.

The "Usage" tab shows you a summary of your network activity for the month. Go to the top left "options" area to set a limit for your monthly bandwidth and receive a warning before you hit a certain level.

The "Alerts" tab shows you a list of all GlassWire alerts and allows you to mark them all as read.

The "Things" tab shows you what other devices have joined and are currently on your network or WiFi. 

Go to the top left GlassWire menu to access the GlassWire settings, turn on incognito mode (where your network history is temporarily not listed on the graph), temporarily disable desktop notifications via "Snooze", or change the graph color via the "Skins" option.

To access your computer remotely or set up access to a remote server go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose "Settings" then choose "Remote Server" under Client then go to "Server" depending if your computer is remoting out or allowing you to remote in from another device.

Thanks for using GlassWire. We also have a more extensive user guide for more detailed information and a forum.

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