For Managed Service Providers

Traffic monitor and firewall for your clients.

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Cyber Security

For IT Departments

Enhance the endpoint security of your team.

Bandwidth Usage

Make sure your company’s PCs are safe by leveraging GlassWire’s features:

  • Data consumption Endpoints’ data consumption
  • Traffic monitoring Endpoint traffic monitoring
  • Firewall profiles Unlimited firewall profiles
  • Apps data control Control over apps data exchange

Powerful features

Leverage network traffic monitoring with access to unlimited history


Define sets of authorized apps for work, home, or public use and easily switch between them with just one click with our unlimited firewall profiles.

Apps control

Gain full visibility and control over which apps exchange data with you devices using cutting-edge technology.

Enjoy user-friendly features to provide you with full visibility of your managed endpoints data consumption.

Bandwidth Bandwidth


  • What is GlassWire, and how can it benefit your organization?

    GlassWire is a powerful network traffic monitoring and endpoint security tool with a built-in firewall. With GlassWire, users can easily detect hidden threats and see current & past network activity. Detect malware & block badly behaving apps.

  • Is there a reselling opportunity for MSPs?

    Yes, if you are an MSPs or a reseller, you can become a Domotz Channel Partner and resell GlassWire for Business. Please sign up at this page.

  • What is the main value proposition when reselling GlassWire to my customers?

    The ability to identify and detect anomalies, access the history of all network traffic, usage, and alerts, and a cutting-edge technology that gives you complete control over which apps exchange data with your device are just some benefits of adopting GlassWire.

  • How can I monitor my team's endpoints?

    GlassWire is currently a self-awareness tool that is very effective at the endpoint level. It can give full visibility and control over the endpoints’ network traffic. We are constantly evolving our software and working hard to improve its capabilities, so future developments will enable us to view and manage all endpoints centrally.

  • How can I get started?

    Get started by following this link and signing up on the Domotz Portal. After signing up, you will be directed to a page to download and install GlassWire.

  • Can I try it for free?

    Yes! Create your account and enjoy a free trial with no credit card needed. Explore the software's features and assess its fit for your needs. When the trial ends, we'll notify you and offer a subscription plan. You can add your credit card anytime for seamless purchasing and receive monthly invoices based on how many GlassWire Endpoints you need.

  • Is Domotz a secure platform?

    Domotz is a safe and secure platform. Learn more about Domotz security standards here.

  • Why must I sign up to Domotz to use GlassWire for Business?

    GlassWire for Business is a Domotz product. All Domotz customers can utilize the GlassWire for Business product alongside Domotz’s network monitoring and management tools. Alternatively, if you prefer to use specific tools, such as GlassWire for Business alone, then you have that option.

  • Do I have to be a Business to use the GlassWire for Business product?

    Although GlassWire for Business has been designed with the needs of organizations in mind, you do not necessarily have to be a business to use GlassWire for Business. GlassWire for Business has been designed to distribute and easily manage endpoints on a larger scale. The consumer version of GlassWire is limited to 5 endpoints per user. If you need more than five endpoints for your use case, the GlassWire for Business is the product you will need.

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