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Enjoy unbeatable computer protection for you and your family.

GlassWire offers personal PC protection with specific plans for up to 5 licenses. Its personal firewall protects against threats, monitors activity, and ensures safe browsing for every family member.

Are you concerned about the safety of your family's online experience? Look no further! GlassWire is here to provide you with a robust solution for PC protection and secure internet browsing.

Our advanced features ensure that you and your loved ones can surf the web with confidence and peace of mind.

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Empowering Your Digital Security

  • Monitoring

    Real-Time Monitoring

    Keep an eye on active and past network activity, ensuring no suspicious behavior goes unnoticed.

  • Threat

    Threat Detection

    GlassWire's built-in firewall detects and blocks potential threats, keeping your family safe from online dangers.

  • Tracking

    Application Tracking

    Identify which applications are using your network and track their usage patterns.

  • Usage

    Bandwidth Usage

    Stay informed about data consumption, helping you manage your family's internet usage effectively.

  • Representation

    Graphical Representation

    Visualize network activity with easy-to-understand graphs and charts for enhanced monitoring.

  • Premium

    And many more

    Discover all
    Premium Features

Leverage network traffic monitoring with access to unlimited history


Define sets of authorized apps for work, home, or public use and easily switch between them with just one click with our unlimited firewall profiles.

Apps control

Gain full visibility and control over which apps exchange data with you devices using cutting-edge technology.

Enjoy user-friendly features to provide you with full visibility of your managed endpoints data consumption.


Protecting Your Family Every Click of the Way

Browse with Confidence

GlassWire takes endpoint security to the next level!
Our software provides comprehensive internet security to ensure safe browsing for you and your family. Its firewall and threat detection system prevent unauthorized access, phishing attempts, and malicious software from affecting your devices. You can feel confident that your online experience is shielded by the power of GlassWire.

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Bandwidth Usage

Seamless Control at Your Fingertips

GlassWire's intuitive user interface makes managing your family's security a breeze. Even if you're not a tech expert, you can easily navigate the application, view network activity, set up alerts, and manage your firewall settings. Empower every family member to take control of their online safety with GlassWire's user-friendly design.

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Experience the Power of Personal Firewall Protection.
Ready to experience ultimate online protection? It's time to get started with GlassWire. Take the first step towards a safer digital future by downloading our software today. Join thousands of happy users who have made GlassWire their personal firewall guardian, ensuring secure internet browsing 24/7.

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What Our Users Say

  • Avatar
    Felipe Glauber Lima R.
    Assessor de Comunicação das Categorias de Base

    GlassWire has one feature I've never seen before: a mini viewer available over my desktop apps. The firewall works great and seamlessly on Windows. The Elite edition allows me monitor unlimited remote clients, which is another unique function. The log of data is one of the biggest ones. It keeps an year of traffic, apps updates and consumption by protocol data.

  • Avatar
    Steve B
    President, Managing Owner

    Glasswire gives me real-time information about everything that is going on with my computer. The firewall function is extremely useful and allows greater control over access to my system. Creating the ability to monitor usage graphically allows users the flexibility to discontinue programs that are non-essential. Real-time alerts let me know if I need to take action regarding a connection that might be harmful. All in all Glasswire is an essential part of my ongoing systems usage.

  • Avatar
    Travis A.
    Critical Care Registered Nurse

    I like the customizations that can be implemented on inbound and outgoing data. The ability to be informed about an incoming data connection and choose or deny the connection with a beautiful GUI is excellent.

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