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GlassWire for Mac?


We have had quite a few requests for GlassWire for Mac via our forum.  Are you interested in trying a version of GlassWire for Mac before it’s released to the public?  If so please join our Mac email list to learn about news and unreleased alpha versions of the Mac software when it’s available.

Our Mac software isn’t close to being ready for release to the public and it’s going to take a long while to launch an alpha version but email list subscribers will be the first to know when there’s something to test.

GlassWire Mac Early Access Email List


18 responses to ‘GlassWire for Mac?

  1. I’m the founder and an author of Skyforge Labs, a PC hardware and tech website.

    I’m highly interested in getting GlassWire on Mac OS. I have it on Windows and it’s a great tool with a beautiful UI. Definitely deserves a Mac version!

  2. Glasswire will have huge interest on OSX because there is no alternative for for it.
    I bought little snitch last month it is ok but it is not a glasswire.

  3. I am searching desperately for a way to figure out where all my internet data is going all of a sudden. I have never had a problem until 2016. I can’t find anything for a Mac that can help me with this problem. Thanks =(

  4. I have been using glasswire on my android phone and really want to use it on both my Mac computers, please develop an app on let us try the latest version you have in the works. I am willing to deal with hiccups.

  5. Any update on when Glasswire for Mac will be available? I’m beginning to think The Winds of Winter is going to be ready before the Mac version. Please prove me wrong!

  6. Apple recently made some unexpected changes that may have made GlassWire for MacOS impossible. We are not the only company that experienced major problems due to this API change.

    We’re looking for a solution though so our hard work isn’t wasted!

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