Preventing others from seeing what websites you’re currently logged into


Did you know that any website you visit could be making a log of all the other websites you’re currently logged into?

Some websites do this without your permission to build a profile about you to show you targeted ads.  Unfortunately, this data could also be used against you to attempt to hack you by sending you targeted exploits, clickjacking links, or phishing sites.

Do you think this problem doesn’t apply to you?  You’re probably wrong.

Check out this Github page by Robin Linus that will show you what sites you’re currently logged into.

How was Robin able to create this page?  As Robin explains on the page, websites can track what other sites you are logged on to by tracking whether certain favicons or images load or not.

How can you avoid being tracked like this?

Robin suggests a plug-In like Privacy Badger from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (please support them if you can, we do).

Another technique that can help is called “browser isolation”.  One simple way to do this is to dedicate one browser for your major social media or login accounts, then use a separate more secured browser for web surfing.  You can also use a “Private Window” or “Incognito mode” window in your browser separate from your logged in browser to surf the web.

The truly paranoid GlassWIre user could set up a virtual machine with a VPN, then only surf the web from that virtual machine.

Once you feel you’re protected visit Robin’s page again to confirm your logged on sites are safe again!

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