Is your Data Usage or VPN app spying on you?

When we first started testing our GlassWire Android app against other popular data usage apps we made an upsetting discovery.  We were shocked to find that many of the data usage apps we tested were using a lot of mobile data themselves.  Our team wondered why an app that claims to help save mobile data would use so much mobile data itself.

The reason became clear once we started to look more closely at other data usage app privacy policies.  Many of these apps are made solely to log what apps you use and when, then to store that data in a database to sell to third parties.  The worst part about it was that some of these apps even seem to be storing personally identifiable information of their users.  This means that if their database was hacked not only would your app usage history be leaked, but that app usage history could be publicly linked to your identity.

After learning how these other apps were operating behind the scenes we decided to call our Android app “data usage privacy” to make it clear that with GlassWire your data and app usage never leaves your phone.  We are a privacy and security company and we make money through sales of our popular Windows security software, not by spying on our users.

Recently Facebook’s Onavo data usage app was in the Wall Street Journal due to its monitoring of its users, and according to Ars Technica the popular VPN Hotspot Shield has now had a formal complaint filed against it with the FTC.  It’s good that the media, app users, and privacy organizations are starting to take notice of privacy violations with apps and online services.

When using an app that accesses your network activity or app usage data always check its privacy policy.  If the app is free and you see no way for it to make money then you and your data might be the product.

If you want to see what apps on your phone are using your data or phoning home right now try GlassWire for Android.  With GlassWire your data never leaves your phone.  We’re working hard to add more privacy related features to our Android app in the future so you can see what other apps on your phone are doing behind the scenes.

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