A GlassWire Major Update is on the way


One of the coolest GlassWire features is our network time machine that allows you to go back in time to see your network activity in the past, then drill down into the details to see what apps and hosts your PC was communicating with at that specific point in time.  Our network time machine feature is awesome but it also uses a significant amount of memory for some Windows users who have enormous amounts of network connections.  For example some heavy BitTorrent users have reported to us that GlassWire uses more memory than they would like.

To combat this problem we had to rewrite some major parts of GlassWire from scratch.  This rewrite took many long months of hard work, but now that we have done this hard work GlassWire should use significantly less resources for everyone in the future.

We hope to release this update before the month is out and we’ll announce it when it’s live on the GlassWire Blog, plus we’ll put out a download update through GlassWire itself when it’s ready.  Be on the lookout for this major update!

Your Friends, The GlassWire Team

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  • I just purchased the Elite package of Glass wire, and I need to understand how to utilize the functions besides the monitoring portion. For example, when I click ASK TO CONNECT, how do I know if I did it correctly? I have yet to have anyone ask to connect. Also, I noticed on the USAGE screen that under other, there is an entry pointing to IBM AIX NETWORK INSTALLATION MANAGER. Did IBM leave something on my PC? What is the significance of that entry??

  • @Leon

    Please check out our forum here for more help

    Thanks for upgrading to GlassWire Elite.

    For Ask to connect, if the pull-down menu under the “Firewall” tab is set to that mode then you have done it correctly. You can then allow/deny different applications from accessing the network. Our user guide is here You probably haven’t had anything ask to connect yet since GlassWire has been running for awhile already. This is how I run GlassWire myself personally because I like to know about New connections, not old ones that I already know are OK.

    IBM AIX info is available here Did you use something recently that interacts with that operating system? If so that’s probably what it is.

    Please let me know any other questions on our contact page or the forum so we can help you faster. Thanks!

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