Have you been MouseJacked?


Has your PC been MouseJacked?

Are you so paranoid about security that you use a wired mouse and keyboard?  If so then you made the right move and you don’t have to worry about getting MouseJacked.  However, if you use a wireless mouse or keyboard you might want to take preventative measures.

Most popular wireless computer mice and keyboards can highjacked from 100 yards away according to a security company called Bastille who set up the website  If you use a wireless mouse from Microsoft, Logitech, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Gigabyte, or Amazon along with many others your mouse may be susceptible to a MouseJack attack.

The attack works by exploiting a weakness in the protocols used between the different devices.  A remote PC can be set up with a dongle that allows it to interact with all the computers nearby with wireless mice and keyboards.  Press the Windows key on your own keyboard and see how broadcasting a saved set of keystrokes through a MouseJack could leave all the nearby computers compromised.  The MouseJacker could make all nearby PCs do whatever they want, for example making all nearby PCs visit a website with known exploitable malware.  Once the MouseJacker has access to the PC he can give himself any other type of remote access he or she wants.

So far Logitech already has a fix.  If you use another type of wireless mouse or keyboard you can check with the manufacturer website, or switch to a wired keyboard or mouse until the problem is solved.

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