Our Android App is Now Entirely Free!

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Hello from the team at GlassWire!

We are excited to announce a major update that will significantly enhance your experience with our GlassWire Android App. In response to valuable feedback from our community, we have decided to make all features of our GlassWire for Android app completely free!
Yes, you heard right—our app, which was previously available in free and premium versions, now offers its full suite of features at no cost to all users.

What’s New in the GlassWire Android App?

Firewall Protection

One of our most powerful features, the GlassWire firewall, is now accessible for free. This means you can monitor and control how your apps connect to the internet, ensuring your personal information remains secure.

Bandwidth Monitoring

Stay on top of your data usage with our real-time bandwidth monitoring. Now free for all users, this feature allows you to see what apps are using your data and when, helping you avoid potential overages and maintain faster connection speeds.

Data Plans

With our newly free data plan feature, you can set custom alerts to manage your data usage effectively. Whether you’re on a tight data budget or just looking to keep a closer eye on your consumption, our app now helps you stay within your limits without any cost.

Alerts for New Apps and Connections

Receive instant alerts when new apps are installed and when they access the network for the first time. Our app helps you stay informed about your device’s activity, providing an extra layer of security.

How to Access These Features?

Downloading the latest version of GlassWire from the Google Play Store will immediately grant you access to all these premium features for free. No subscriptions, no fees—just complete data control and security at your fingertips.

Why We Made This Change

At GlassWire, our mission has always been to provide you with the tools to manage and secure your digital life effectively. By making our Android app completely free, we aim to help even more people protect themselves in an increasingly connected world. We believe that privacy and security are paramount and should be accessible to everyone.

We are incredibly proud of this update and what it means for our community. Your ongoing support and feedback have been instrumental in reaching this decision. We look forward to seeing how our free app can make a difference in your digital life.

For more detailed guidance on utilizing our app’s features, please visit our Help Page, or reach out to us directly with any questions.

Thank you for choosing GlassWire, and enjoy a safer, more informed mobile experience completely free of charge!

Your team at GlassWire

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