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Personal Firewall Explained

You’ve probably heard of personal firewalls if you’re concerned about online security. These software programs are essential tools that act […]

Ferrari data breach - march 2023

Ferrari data breach – Mar 2023

Ferrari, the renowned Italian luxury sports car manufacturer, recently disclosed that it experienced a data breach after hackers gained unauthorized access to some of the company’s IT systems.

Spring cleanup

Spring cleanup
by Chris Taylor

About Chris Taylor:  Chris is on the Community Review Board for SANS’s OUCH! (the security awareness newsletter designed for everyone), […]

Cybersecurity review

2022 Cybersecurity review by CISA

CISA, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security American Agency, recently published a report on all the various activities to drive down […]

How to protect your network

How to protect your network

Your network’s safety depends on endpoint security, such as a firewall. When a connection or file tries to enter or […]