GlassWire on HackerOne security response platform


To report security issues in GlassWire please consider using our HackerOne profile.  HackerOne is a new security response platform that is used by lots of companies like Twitter, Yahoo!, and Cloudflare.  Our HackerOne profile has details about what types of issues we are looking for and it allows you to get credit for your report so other people can see.

If you don’t want to use HackerOne you’re always welcome to contact us via email.  Thank you for your feedback.

Join GlassWire on HackerOne


Sharing your GlassWire graph

Did you know you can take a snapshot of your GlassWire graph and save it to your hard drive, or share it on Twitter?  To take a snapshot mouse over your graph and you’ll see a camera icon at the top right corner of the graph.  Click the icon to take a snapshot and you’ll then have an option to save your graph to the desktop or share it on Twitter with the hashtag #glasswire or any hashtag you prefer.

There are already a few GlassWire users sharing our hashtag #glasswire but we’d like to see more.