How to estimate your phone or ISP data usage

how to check your data usage

Many mobile or ISP data plans have strict data caps that can cause you to get hit with massive overage fees. Some mobile companies even offer something called “unlimited” data, but in reality after you hit a certain cap you’ll be throttled. Ridiculous isn’t it?

How can you estimate your data usage to stay under these barbaric data caps in 2021? Fortunately, we at GlassWire have made a free Data Usage Calculator estimation tool to help you stay under your limits!

Our new Data Usage Calculator makes it easy to estimate what your average data usage will be per month, week, or day for your mobile phone or WiFi network. With our data usage calculation tool you can see what apps and services use the most bandwidth, and how much data you’ll use per app or service.

For example, see how much data video streaming services like Youtube or Netflix use. Or calculate how much bandwidth you’ll be using in a Zoom video meeting, or just by using Facebook on your phone.

Try our Data Usage Calculator now for free to estimate your monthly data usage. You’ll be able to calculate exactly how much 250 GB of data per month really is.

Calculate your Monthly Data Usage Free!