GlassWire 2.1.137 is here with dark themes and detailed host info!


GlassWire fans have been requesting a dark theme for awhile, and our dark theme for GlassWire is finally here!  Upgrade now to try this major new update.

Also, have you ever seen unusual activity from a host (IP) but you were unable to determine if it’s safe or not?  We’ve now added a cool new feature to help with this situation.  Mouse over the host you’re concerned about and a circle icon with three dots will appear.  Click that icon and choose “search online” and we show detailed information about the host including VirusTotal results and much more!

Upgrade now to try our GlassWire 2.1 update FREE.

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GlassWire’s new Android Firewall is here!

We are excited to announce that our newly updated GlassWire Android Firewall app is now available for download in Google Play!

GlassWire Android Firewall App

How does it work?
GlassWire for Android now has a brand new “Firewall” tab.  Tap the top left GlassWire menu and choose the Firewall option to get started.

With our new firewall you can block app network access completely, or block only WiFi or mobile connections. For example, if you want your browser to only use WiFi data and never use mobile data turn on the GlassWire firewall, then tap the WiFi tower icon next to the browser you want to block.

Ask to connect?
You can also block newly installed apps from accessing the network at all.  Once the firewall is on, switch the “automatically block” option on.  GlassWire will then send you a notification when a newly installed application tries to access the network.  You can then allow or deny that application immediately.  Want to block all mobile or WiFi network activity for all apps?  Tap the WiFi and Mobile icons under the “All Apps” row and block all the apps at once!

*Please note you may sometimes still get “new” notifications from blocked apps, but these connections are black-holed and never leave your device.

With GlassWire’s new mobile firewall you can block spying apps, apps inundated with pop-up ads, or data hogging apps that can make you go over your monthly data limit.  Data hogging apps can also cause your phone to have a slow Internet connection.

Unlimited themes!
If you purchase GlassWire you also get access to unlimited themes, including our dark themes.  Did you buy GlassWire themes before with our previous version?  Don’t worry!  You should still have access to all your purchased themes.  If you run into any issues please email us and we will fix it!

How is GlassWire different from other data managers or firewalls?
Did you know most other data manager apps in Google Play exist solely to collect your data usage stats, and sell your private data to third parties?  Large companies want to know what the most popular apps are in the app store, then copy their features, or even acquire them.

Have you ever wondered why another data manager app you used was using so much mobile data itself?  If you’re using another firewall or data manager please check their privacy policy.  You might be surprised that not only do they collect personal identifiable information about you, but they store your data usage stats in a database.

The difference between GlassWire and other data usage and firewall apps is that WE NEVER COLLECT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION!  Our GlassWire app never even accesses the network at all, so we couldn’t see your app usage information even if we were asked to under a court order.  Check out our privacy policy for more details.

GlassWire also never shows you any mobile ads that clutter up your screen or annoying sponsored pop-ups that waste your data and slow your phone to a crawl.

If you support privacy please consider buying our new Android firewall option with unlimited themes!  It’s only a few dollars and your support goes a long way to help us continue improving this app.

How much does it cost?
GlassWire for Android will continue to be free as is for unlimited use.  However, if you want to use our new firewall features it’s only a few dollars ($4.99) per year.  Your financial support allows us continue making improvements on GlassWire for Android.

If you aren’t sure you want to buy the software we include a free 30 day trial for everyone!  Everyone getting this update can try it for free for 30 days for absolutely no charge.

Please also note that GlassWire will occasionally show “new” network activity alerts with apps that are blocked by the firewall.  This is not actually a bug with GlassWire, but this is how the Android OS functions.  The Android OS sees these apps as accessing the network and may count some data used with them.  However, these apps are actually black-holed by our firewall and their connections never leave your phone.  We’ve included a note about this inside the app itself to help avoid any confusion.

Also, if you’re new to GlassWire for Android and you’re worried about our “phone” permission, technical details are here on why we have to request that permission.  We’d love to request no permissions at all if it was technically possible, but the mobile “phone” permission is required for our app to show you your mobile phone data.

Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy our new Android firewall update with unlimited themes!

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