Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Are you ready for a great October 2023? It’s not just a time for decorative pumpkins and ringing in fall weather. This is Cybersecurity Awareness Month — what better opportunity to harden your security stance?

About Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Firstly, if you didn’t know about Cybersecurity Awareness Month, don’t feel bad. The custom is just coming up on its 20th year — and it’s mainly a US event.

This observance is unique for the IT industry because it has government backing. Since 2004, the US Congress and president have dedicated October to a special idea.

The gist is that public and private sector entities should work together to achieve a common goal.

As the name implies, this month is rooted in raising awareness of how important cybersecurity is. The event also calls on you to encourage risk-reducing actions and foster discussion.

Keeping your devices protected and being security-conscious are always important tasks. What sets Cybersecurity Awareness Month apart is that now, safety is the main event.

This is an ideal time to bone up on knowledge and encourage stakeholders to improve. Here are a few ideas you should promote:

Use strong passwords!

Encourage people to use more robust passwords. By doing so, you’ll make credentials harder to crack.

Strong passwords matter. According to Norton statistics from 2023, over 80 percent of confirmed breaches involved passwords. This figure included stolen, reused, and outright weak credentials.

Norton goes on to say that 60 percent of people improve their passwords after unauthorized access events. But why wait until something bad happens to make the smart choice? Switching to a stronger password only takes a few seconds, so don’t delay.

Make use of your best allies: password managers, browsers, and system keychains. These tools generate and store high-security passwords with minimal human intervention.

In short, modern organizations don’t have any excuse for weak credentials! Let your staff, users, and stakeholders know they don’t either.

Update your software!

Keeping your software current ensures you can survive the latest threats. New vulnerabilities crop up by the second. These weaknesses impact hardware and software alike, making them unpredictable at best.

Updating your software doesn’t catch every vulnerability, but it helps you avoid the major ones. For instance, OS upgrades can help you withstand low-level bugs that might impact an entire system or network. Application updates make newly discovered open-source bugs more survivable.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working with IoT devices, self-hosted tools, or cloud-native apps. You should build a comprehensive, automated update management system that keeps you from falling behind. Encourage your team to check software versions and open tickets when it’s time to upgrade.

Turn on 2FA!

Passwords are great, but their glaring weakness is that anyone can steal them. Two-factor authentication (2FA) delivers a form of security the IT world has long lacked. It goes beyond ensuring that the password is correct — it also verifies the user.

Using 2FA grants you an added level of safety. All you need is a mobile device. What’s more, most mobile OSes have native support for the feature without extra apps.

To use this measure effectively, integrate it into your internal and external processes. In addition to getting your staff on board with 2FA, give customers and end users the option too.

Report phishing!

What’s the safest technique for dealing with suspected phishing emails? If you said “ignore and delete,” you’re only halfway there. The correct answer is to ignore, delete, and report them.

About half of cyber attacks go unreported — creating a vast knowledge gap. Remember: those who are unaware of past incidents are prime targets for future threats.

This month focuses on awareness, so teach your team to promote mindfulness. Your IT administrators need to know about all suspicious emails and other social engineering attempts.

Ready to make reporting easier? Provide contact mechanisms such as forms and chat lines. Be certain your training explains how to use these tools and who to CC when escalating issues.

Stay aware of your data flows with GlassWire!

One easy way to enhance cybersecurity awareness is to pay closer attention to data. Ask yourself:

  • Who’s accessing, modifying, and using data within your organization and externally?
  • Where does data go during your typical process lifecycle?
  • When data leaves your internal network, where is it headed? Can you accurately trace external-origin data back to its source?
  • Under normal conditions, how much data do different workflows use?

If you can’t answer all these questions, it’s time for a reckoning. Your data flows should never be an opaque mystery. Knowing where, when, why, and how you use information helps you spot wrongdoing. By establishing reliable baselines, you gain insight into what’s normal and what’s not.

Ready to get started? Find out who your computer is speaking to, and take back control of the conversation. Check out GlassWire to make this Cybersecurity Awareness Month a success.


GlassWire steps up a notch thanks to Domotz

domotz acquires glasswire

If you’re no stranger to network traffic monitoring, then Domotz has undoubtedly crossed your radar. And for those familiar with GlassWire’s unwavering commitment to excellence, this exceptional company acquiring us should be no surprise.

Our collaboration with Domotz signifies a bold new era in network visibility. What lies ahead in the wake of this thrilling merger? Read through to set your expectations!

What Motivated Domotz to Embrace GlassWire?

GlassWire enjoys a stellar reputation among IT professionals for several compelling reasons. Yet, its simplicity is its most significant strength. Our tool has been recognized for streamlining endpoint security and traffic monitoring.

Domotz credited our work and decided to boost its offer to its clients by adding new functionalities to its toolset. From today, Domotz users can set up organizations and control all the endpoints by installing GlassWire on all the organization’s devices.

This will add a layer of security for companies and unlock the possibility of monitoring suspicious bandwidth consumption.

GlassWire caters to a broad audience. Whether you’re an IT administrator, an office manager, or a home user, you can effortlessly monitor endpoints with minimal networking know-how. The application’s built-in functionalities also facilitate tasks like identifying network users, flagging anomalies, and swiftly implementing system lockdowns when required.

GlassWire’s standout features are ultimately topped with high visual appeal and ease of use. Out of the box, you’ll find convenient graphs and clear dashboards, eliminating the need for tinkering with settings or crafting your layouts. The time-oriented layouts feel instantly familiar, serving as excellent starting points for your workflow.

What Lies Ahead in the New Landscape?

If you’re an existing GlassWire user, rest assured that all the features and benefits you’ve come to rely on will remain readily accessible. However, a significant change is on the horizon – GlassWire levelled up!

We are thrilled to introduce a revamped version of GlassWire explicitly tailored for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and organizations. GlassWire for Business takes the elements you already cherish and supercharges them. With this enhanced offering, you can:

  • Resell GlassWire, through the Domotz partner program (see below!)
  • Create an installer for the organization you manage and distribute the software with just one click, through a unified Domotz portal, ensuring total control
  • See the running status of your GlassWire endpoints.

These enhancements are not arbitrary; they share a common goal – to meet the demands of power users. If you grapple with intricate network topologies or oversee many machines, GlassWire for Business is precisely what you need.

Additionally, by sealing this milestone, we are unveiling the pilot phase of the new Domotz Channel Partner Program. Participants from GlassWire for Business resale users will enjoy an array of fantastic benefits. Are you in search of volume discount pricing and premium support? Count on us to provide you with comprehensive solutions. Are you eager to leverage fresh marketing opportunities and customized branding strategies? We are here to assist your business in reaching new heights.

Charting the Course Ahead

Acquisitions inevitably usher in change, and adeptly managing this transition is of paramount importance. We believe that this acquisition will lead to successful results for all our users and partners.

GlassWire is completely committed to enhancing your IT observability experience, both now and in the future. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please share your thoughts on GlassWire for Business. Or, if you’re ready to embark on a new journey, start today with a fresh plan tailored to your needs!


Geo Map and Enhanced User Interface: navigating the Network with New GlassWire

The newest version of GlassWire has rolled out, setting a higher bar for network monitoring and security software.
This milestone update introduces a slew of advanced features, placing even more powerful tools at users’ fingertips. Two standout features at the forefront of this release are the revamped Geo Map and the polished User Interface. In this article, we’ll explore these enhancements in detail and shed light on the impressive capabilities they offer.

geo map glasswire

1. Geo Map for Global Network Insights

One of the most exciting additions to GlassWire is the new Geo Map. This feature is a game-changer in understanding your network’s global footprint. It enables users to visualize network activity in real time on an interactive world map. Now, not only can you monitor which applications are utilizing your bandwidth, but you can also pinpoint their geographic locations. This is invaluable for detecting unusual network behavior or unauthorized access attempts from foreign locations. GlassWire’s Geo Map provides a comprehensive, real-time view of your network’s global connections, enhancing security and network optimization.

2. User-Friendly Interface Overhaul

GlassWire’s commitment to user experience shines through in the redesigned User Interface. The new UI is not just a facelift but a significant enhancement that makes navigating the software even more intuitive. Streamlined menus, improved icons, and a cleaner layout make it easier for novice and experienced users to access the software’s powerful features. The intuitive nature of the interface ensures that you can effortlessly access the full range of GlassWire’s functionalities without getting lost in complex menus.

3. Real-Time Bandwidth Monitoring with Geographic Context

The combination of the Geo Map and real-time bandwidth monitoring takes network analysis to the next level. Now, you can not only identify bandwidth-hungry applications but also see where in the world they are connecting to. This geo context can be a crucial factor in diagnosing network issues, such as slow internet speeds or unusual data usage patterns. Whether you’re managing a home network or overseeing a corporate network infrastructure, this insight is invaluable.

4. Visualizing Security Threats

The Geo Map also plays a pivotal role in network security. When paired with GlassWire’s robust threat monitoring and alerting capabilities, you can quickly identify suspicious connections or potential threats originating from specific regions. This visual representation makes it easier to spot anomalies, enhancing your network’s security posture.

5. Effortless Privacy Management

The improved UI extends to privacy controls as well. GlassWire users can now conveniently toggle between Incognito Mode and standard monitoring. This ensures that your online activities remain private when needed, further highlighting GlassWire’s dedication to user privacy.

In summary, the latest version of GlassWire presents a quantum leap in network monitoring and security. The inclusion of the Geo Map not only offers a stunning visual representation of your network but also provides geographic context that is vital for both security and performance optimization. Combined with the overhauled User Interface, which makes using GlassWire more intuitive than ever, this software upgrade is a must-have for anyone serious about network management and security.
Upgrade to the new GlassWire today and experience the future of network monitoring with unparalleled ease and insight.


New GlassWire Version Available!

glasswire geomap

We are delighted to unveil the latest version of GlassWire, brimming with remarkable enhancements that will captivate your interest. Your feedback and support have been pivotal in shaping this release, and we are excited as we unveil these improvements to you.

Here’s an overview of the exciting updates in this version:

Revamped User Interface: 

We’ve infused GlassWire with a contemporary aesthetic that not only elevates its visual appeal but also heightens its user-friendliness.

Enhanced “Traffic Monitor” Tab: 

Our “Traffic Monitor” tab now includes the existing “Graph” and “Usage” views, providing you with even deeper insights into your network activity.

Tab Renaming: 

To better align with their functions, we have renamed the tabs as follows:

  • We merged “Graph” and “Usage” into “Traffic Monitor”
  • “Security” is now “GlassWire Protect.”
  • “Alerts” is now “Log Analysis.”
  • “Things” is now “Network Scanner.”

Interactive Map Feature: 

Embark on a journey to explore your network activity like never before with our brand-new Interactive Map feature, nestled within the Traffic Monitor tab. It offers a visual representation of data usage by country.

Live Connections: 

Keep a close eye on real-time connections with our Live Connections feature, revealing the countries with which your PC is communicating at any given moment.


Usage Table Enhancements: 

A “countries” column has been introduced to the Usage Table view, enabling effortless tracking of data usage by country.

UI Refinements: 

We’ve implemented various enhancements to the user interface to elevate your overall GlassWire experience.

Bug Squashing: 

In response to feedback from our dedicated community, we have diligently addressed several bugs, ensuring that GlassWire is now more stable and dependable than ever before.

Ready to embrace these exhilarating transformations? Make your way to our Downloads page to install the latest GlassWire version.

Our commitment to providing you with the finest network monitoring tool remains steadfast, and your feedback continues to be invaluable in our journey toward that objective. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts, suggestions, and any issues you may encounter by contacting us at Let’s forge ahead together, making GlassWire even more exceptional!

Still in doubt? Try GlassWire now!